Fantastic service!

"Highly recommend Terry Jamnik! Fantastic service! He was with me every step of the way even after escrow was closed. He was great at solving clients' problems! He made calls to HOA, loan officers and even insurance companies every time I had a question. He was fully committed to finding out answers to every single question I asked him. He followed up with all of my requests and addressed them with the seller promptly. After he closed the deal in shorter timeframe than anticipated, he even offered to help change my locks and given me great advice on renovations and repairs! He's very handy! He even offered to help me with looking for tenants and with tenant legal questions. He was conservative with making offers and spending my money but aggressive in negotiation and closing the deal! Very client-oriented agent and easygoing guy. Highly recommend!!!!!!"

- Elijah T.


"I originally started with a different agent, but after asking Terry for a showing and meeting him, I immediately asked him to be our agent instead of our original one. He was professional at all in-person meetings I had, and he is very knowledgeable and informative about the properties and the areas I looked at. He is very responsive and gave us constant updates over email, text messages and phone calls on the properties I was interested in at all hours of the day including weekends. He is very personable and has many stories about his past experiences both as an agent/broker and a homeowner. When I showed interest in a property, he moved very quickly to complete the offer contract and would do anything and everything to move the process along quickly and efficiently yet still carefully. He always put protecting my money as the highest priority and put together offers to keep my money safe. I would recommend him as a real estate agent to everyone. Thank you Terry!"

- Satisfied Client

5 Stars

"I was selling my condo in Northern San Diego, had an open house and Terry somehow magically appeared on my doorstep. We hit it off (because Terry is professional and knew his info perfectly) and I agreed to let him sell my condo. Terry sold the condo for the highest price in the area. He did everything he was suppose to and more. An excellent negotiator and knows the area he deals with better than any other realtor I've come across. 5 Stars across the board, would do business with again."

- Arie M.

Amazing professional

"Terry is an amazing professional to work with. He has an extraordinary attention to detail in all that he does. His follow up is impeccable and he ensures that all parties are well informed throughout the process. Terry is great at walking through each situation and offering sound advice and problem solving. It is a true pleasure to work with him as his positive attitude is infectious!"

- T. Diamond

Couldn't be happier

"I was fortunate to meet Terry at an open house he was hosting and was impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of local real estate. My husband and I had our heart set on a property and didn't think it was going to happen, but thanks to Terry's initiative in overcoming all the barriers with ease, we landed it. Couldn't be happier. We highly recommend Terry. His enthusiasm for real estate made our experience so much fun."

- Satisfied Client

Went above and beyond

"Terry went above and beyond to secure a tenant for our rental and secured one at an above market rate. Terry is not only a business associate but a friend."

- Satisfied Client

Incredibly honest

"Terry is an incredibly honest person who's sense of ethics and moral character shine in an industry that I had felt lacked these traits. After interviewing 5 different Agents to assist with the sale of my home which was not going well as a FSBO - I was immediately taken by Terry's sincere warmth, care and concern for my well being and that of my family with regards not just the sale of our home but from all the changes that we were going through at that time in our lives. He became like a family member during this very trying period - the kind that helps and supports you."

- Steve


"I am thrilled to report that I just closed on the purchase of my new home because of Mr. Terry Jemnik Extraordinaire! Rest assured, Mr. Jemnik is highly regarded as the crème del la crème of real estate agents serving San Diego County. During our time together Terry continuously distinguished himself as a top performing, versatile, and selfless agent. His technical prowess, leadership and "can-do" spirit were infectious, and directly related to phenomenal success related to the purchase of my new home. Moreover, Terry’s energetic personality to quickly resolve any challenge, coupled with his positive mental attitude, garners high praise and admiration from everyone who came in contact with him during our journey together and he set the standard for everyone to follow. Trust me, Terry’s steadfast dedication, responsiveness, and negotiation skills provided the necessary resources to make my purchase possible. It was a thrill and a heck of a ride to success!

As such, My family and I am forever in his debt and will seek out his services in the future. Bottom line is that if you are looking for a home – rest assured – Mr. Terry “Get It Done” and “Make It Happen For My Client” Jemnik will do just that for you, as he truly believes in the American Dream for everyone…and I just got a piece of it.

Thank You, Terry!

And Please Keep Charging, Sir!"

- Patrick T.

We highly recommend

"I met Terry at his open house early this year and he started to send me house information that in my price range. We picked some houses that we wanted to tour, then I made appointment with him. Often times, he tried to reserve a block of time (3 to 4 hours on weekends) for us to see around three houses at once. Terry works very hard and follows up quickly with us about potential offer and gave us his opinion about the starting point for the bids. In active negotiation, he talked with seller agent about the offer/counter offer everyday and let us know the moment he had new information. He has very good personal skills to connect with other agents so he can keep on top of all the developments for the houses on market. Without his help I don't think I can get into the house we just bought. We highly recommend him and will let him handle all our real state needs."

- W. Zhou

Professional and classy

"Terry is a great realtor who put his client's best interest as his top priority. He is friendly, professional and classy. We bought our dream house because of him. Thank you very much Terry!"

- QL

Strong negotiator

"Terry was very knowledgable and easy to work with, he made the buying process pleasurable, highly recommend his services. Since we were relatively new to the area, Terry made sure to understand what we were looking for, and had the patience to explain the pros and cons of the various ares in San Diego. Terry was a strong negotiator, and we are very happy with our purchase."

- Smith C.

Extremely helpful

"Terry was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about every phase of the house sale from the very beginning to the very end (and even beyond). He is a very charming, articulate and caring person who, I am fortunate, to now call a friend. Whenever there was an issue, problem, question, desire to change something or an uncertainty or ambivalence about something - I knew that I could call, text and email him at any time and he would respond promptly that same day in most every case. In addition, he does not force his opinion on the homeowner but only gently guides and advises the owner of the best or most successful methods or choices and allows you to make your own decisions. I was very appreciative of this attribute of Terry as I like to feel that my opinion matters and that I can make good choices as long as I have the necessary information to do so. Some 'experts' tend to make you feel that only they know what is best and Terry does not behave that way."

- Steve S.

On top of everything

"I was looking for a place to buy and I was in contact with Terry for about a year. He called me almost every week to see how my search is going and provided me some potential places. I've finally found a place that I like and bought it. He was on top of everything all the time and pursued the deal until the end. He has been very timely on following up with the status and finishing the deal. I highly recommend working with him if you're serious about buying or selling a place."

- Berke C.

Terry Jamik will be my Realtor

"All the Realtor's in my neighborhood were short sale specialists and told me I could not get the asking price for my home. Terry Jamik looked at the home and asked me what my price was. I told him and instead of laughing he said "I can do that". A few weeks later he had a buyer for my home. I will shortly be selling another home, and Terry Jamik will be my Realtor."

- Steve V.

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